Circular Economy Seminar


Seminar Background

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About the Seminar

In May 2019, the EUD to Ghana has organised a one-day and a half workshop on “Circular Economy Opportunities in Ghana”. The conference brought together 190 participants from government departments, development agencies, local planning authorities, private consultants, academics, civil society networks and locally and international businesses.

The event contributed to put the European Union in Ghana as a champion on circular economy in Ghana. Since that event, the EU has been contacted by several entities and partners to share ideas, projects and initiatives with potential to promote circular economy in Ghana.

The EU Circular Economy Seminar intends to create awareness on the need to change (faster) from a linear to a circular economy, but more specially to identify actions and measures in Ghana to boost the efficient use of resources by moving to a clean, circular economy that can contribute to mitigate climate change, revert biodiversity loss and cut pollution.

The event’s objectives will be to:

  • promote the EU Green Deal / Circular Economy Action Plan,
  • advocate for uptake of circular economy policies in Ghana,
  • identify potential circular economy initiatives to be implemented in Ghana by different kind of stakeholders (notably through a CE contest)
  • promote EU-Ghana business partnerships and prepare the ground for the organisation of a full Circular Economy Mission to Ghana.